Void Protection

Turn an empty space into a place for your tradesmen to work, with void protection products provided by the experts at ScaffWorks. We understand that every worksite is unique, bringing with it a set of challenges that must be overcome to ensure that efficient work takes place. Instead of planning around gaps and holes on your worksite, use them as stable ground to build on.

A void protection system can make even the most difficult worksites easy to access and compliant with strict safety regulations set out by both state and federal laws.

void protection, Void Protection

Our void protection services

Void Platform

Our void protection system can be constructed across any empty space, letting it function like a normal floor within a building. Made of lightweight yet incredibly durable materials, each piece can withstand the weight of multiple workers. Custom engineered to fit any sized void opening, our void protection platforms offer workers ease of transit and a safe place to stand when completing work in and around areas such as lift shafts and stairwells.

Void platforms also avoid the need for ground-up scaffolding, saving considerable time and money without compromising safety. Our products allow tradesmen to work confidently and safely from platforms that feel secure under foot, unlike other potentially hazardous options such as extension ladders.

Our void protection system can be fitted to absolutely any material, be it timber, steel or masonry and is completely compliant with Australian standards for safety on every work site.

void protection, Void Protection
void protection, Void Protection

Void stairs and access

For areas that require frequent access, our void protection system can also accommodate stair and ladder systems.

For tricky to work in areas such as vertical passageways or incomplete stairwells, simply closing off an area with our void protection platforms can also close off access to other parts of a construction site. That’s why we stock the fittings to add stairs and ladders to your platforms where needed, ensuring that your workers can get where they need to go.

Installed at the earliest point of the construction process, void platform access provides a safe working environment for tradespeople needing to move through as well as work on any floor above the first.

Our void protection products are versatile in design and easily fitted to the specifics of any job site. If the access point you need covered is also integral for moving bulky equipment through, we’ll tailor our service around accommodating those requirements without sacrificing safety or compliance while we do.

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At ScaffWorks, our business is built on supporting the safety of workers throughout the Brisbane region. That’s why above all else, our products are designed with the aim of keeping your work site compliant. We endeavour to offer the best possible prices on the highest quality void protection options available to the market.

If you require any assistance planning for the needs of your worksite, one of our friendly staff can help you fit out a void protection system that suits your site and saves you money.