Roof scaffold hire for any site

Our position as one of the premier providers of roof scaffold hire throughout the Brisbane region has seen us help hundreds of clients complete their building projects safely and cost effectively.

Whether you need roof scaffolding for a commercial, residential or industrial structure, we have the products and the expertise to meet all your needs.

Working on rooves is a notoriously dangerous part of the construction process and employers must ensure that they follow the strict safety guidelines set out by state and federal regulatory bodies. Even the slightest mistake on a loose tile or a slippery tin roof can have disastrous consequences.

That’s why we recommend you make our roof scaffold hire a necessary component of every construction project you undertake.

Roof scaffold hire

Roof Scaffolding features

Brisbane scaffolding
Quick to install

Our roof scaffold hire is built on the core concepts of efficient service and timely installation. We custom engineer our roof scaffolding to be easy to set up and even easier to dismantle. Using the latest technology and cutting-edge design, we make sure that our roof scaffold hire service is a cost-efficient asset on any jobsite.

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Fulfils multiple roles on the worksite

Roof scaffolding offers so much more to a project than just safety compliance. Our custom engineered roof scaffold hire service can provide better access to hard to reach areas of your worksite, as well as facilitate the movement of materials and workers without the need to build any additional structures in or around the building or roof.

Brisbane scaffolding
Utilises existing structures

Our roof scaffold hire products only require support from the structure being built to function. This means we can fit our scaffolding options to any job site and make use of existing supports built from any material such as timber, steel or concrete. This feature is particularly useful for worksites that may not allow for ground-based structures and support systems to be erected.

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Roof scaffold hire is a quick and easy process when you work with the premier provider of scaffolding solutions throughout the Brisbane region. Our qualified staff at ScaffWorks are experts in tailoring a scaffolding system to your specific needs. We combine the best quality products and service with affordability and time conscious delivery.

If you need roof scaffold hire that keeps your workers safe and your workplace compliant, trust our friendly and professional staff at ScaffWorks to see the job done right.

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Safety and Compliance

Our roof scaffold hire service conforms to the strict regulations set out by state and federal bodies regarding safety compliance. We custom engineer our products to meet the demands of every worksite, meaning that the materials we use are reliable under conditions of any kind.

Roof scaffold hire provided by ScaffWorks also negates the need for additional harnesses or fall arrest systems, mitigating the chance of human error through poor use of safety equipment on your worksite. At ScaffWorks we pride ourselves on providing safe and economical solutions to the ever-increasing demands of legislative bodies.

We provide the products, the certifications and the documents necessary to satisfy any inspections that may take place throughout the lifespan of your building project.