Dynamic roof guardrail solutions

ScaffWorks provides custom engineered roof guardrail systems that are built to suit the needs of your worksite.

Working on a roof or near unsecured drop-offs is not only unsafe but daunting for construction workers who must go about their daily tasks with the thought of danger always on their mind. Our rooftop guardrail and perimeter guardrail systems provide safety compliant conditions that let your workers feel completely secure on the jobsite.

We adhere to the strict guidelines set out by state and federal regulatory bodies with respect to the design and implementation of our roof guardrail systems. This ensures that no matter the length of your project, working with ScaffWorks gives you the peace of mind that safety inspections won’t be a problem on your worksite.

roof guardrail, Roof Guardrail

Roof guardrail hire

that fits the size and scope of your project

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Our rooftop guardrail systems are designed to be fitted easily to any house design, allowing for the roof and flashing to be installed or maintained while workers remain fully protected. This makes roof guardrail solutions crucial to any domestic worksite. We strive to ensure that our roof guardrail hire is as affordable as possible, so even the smallest jobs can be secured by our custom engineered products.

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Working with other business owners throughout the Brisbane region, we have the expertise to fit custom rooftop guardrail systems to any sized business premises. Clients value our hasty delivery and express installation time, ensuring that every jobsite is secure before work commences.

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For large scale operations, we’ll work with you to develop a custom roof guardrail system that fits the needs of your project. We rise to the challenge of any job, providing elaborate setups that are executed precisely to ensure that even the most difficult building sites are safety compliant. Guided by our expert staff, our roof guardrail hire is reliable, cost effective and built to withstand even the toughest working conditions.

roof guardrail, Roof Guardrail

Safety compliant rooftop guardrail systems:

Part of the complete service we provide at ScaffWorks is backing all our roof guardrail hire with the certifications and documentation required to keep your worksite legally compliant with safety standards.

Our products are engineer certified and delivered with comprehensive instruction manuals and the guidance of competent installers with decades of combined experience in the trade.

We can handle auditing, quality control and risk assessment to ensure that your jobsite is properly covered by our safety products.

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Call today to discuss the details of your project with one of our friendly and helpful staff at ScaffWorks. Our roof guardrail systems are installed every day right across Brisbane and surrounding regions, keeping worksites safe and compliant all at the most competitive prices that we can provide.

The roof guardrail hire service we provide is built around fulfilling the needs of your worksite, that’s why we endeavour to ask the right questions and deliver you a product that you can ultimately rely on throughout the life of your project.