Hang on scaffold

For worksites that are constrained by space or lack the proper ground to support freestanding structures, we recommend a hang on scaffold system. Affixed to the building itself, a hang on scaffold allows your workers unobstructed access to difficult to reach areas of a site such as the fascia, gutter and roof.

Being the premier provider of hang on scaffolds in Brisbane, we understand the need for a product that’s versatile enough to fit the specifications of our many clients throughout the region. That’s why we utilise the latest in hang on scaffold technology to provide a safer, more cost-effective approach to scaffolding solutions.

hang on scaffolding, Hang On Scaffolding

Picking the right hang on scaffold to fit your needs

Every job site is different, that’s why you need expert help to ensure that your scaffolding is fit for purpose and most importantly, safety compliant. For worksites where setting up a structure on the ground is out of the question, products that attach to the building itself may be your only option.

A hang on scaffold, suspended scaffold or cantilever scaffolding all provide safe access to a worksite without any need for their support mechanisms to touch the ground. This makes them perfect for structures on soft or dangerous terrain, or even ones that sit over water.

Each of our scaffolding options provides for different needs, and it’s important to consult with our experts at ScaffWorks to find the product that best suits your job site.

The benefits of a hang on scaffold

If the ground around your worksite is already proving to be a problem, the last thing you need is a mass of steel supports further making work difficult. A hang on scaffold option such as cantilever scaffolding makes accessing areas of a structure easy, without needing to obstruct the traffic of workers on the ground.

One of the key strengths of fit for purpose scaffolding is its potential to increase work efficiency throughout the life of a building site. Difficult areas aren’t a problem with a hang on scaffold, as it allows for easy access to rooves and higher stories of a work site. Properly fitted scaffolding can even save money over the life of a project, due to its capacity to expediate many common time sinks such as moving materials or transporting workers.

Hang on scaffold

Safety and Compliance

All of our hang on scaffold products, from cantilever scaffolding to suspended scaffolds are backed by our guarantee of complete state and federal compliance with respect to safety. We provide engineer certified products and comprehensive instruction manuals, all backed by expert installers and high-quality maintenance.

ScaffWorks is renowned by customers across Brisbane for keeping worksites safe and legally compliant throughout the life of their projects.

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We’ll work with you to tailor our products around the needs and constraints of your worksite, to ensure that safety and compliance don’t sacrifice the efficiency of your workers.