Ground Up Scaffolding

Offering the latest in cutting edge ground up scaffolding design, ScaffWorks is trusted by clients throughout Brisbane and surrounding regions to keep their workers safe on the job. Our range of ground up scaffolding options are custom engineered to provide compliant working conditions that satisfy the increasingly strict regulations of state and federal bodies.

Our service is built around your needs, with expert scaffolders, draftsman and engineers on hand to ensure that working with ScaffWorks provides the best possible outcomes for your business.

Whether you need ground up scaffolding for a quick residential job or require long term rental options as part of an ongoing industrial project, we have the manpower, cost-effective solutions and experience refined over decades in the scaffolding trade.

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What does ground up scaffolding bring to your site

Apart from answering the obvious safety compliance concerns, our ground up scaffolding has some clear benefits over other products on the market.

Structural integrity is never a question with our ground up scaffolding. A platform that feels sturdy under foot provides peace of mind to your workers that our products really are providing for their safety.

We’re conscious of the fact that time is money on a construction site. Not only do our ground up scaffolding products provide superior safety, they also allow for the safe transit of workers and materials throughout your building site.

Our ground up scaffolding stands strong against even the toughest weather conditions. Being safely secured to the ground, structural movement is kept to a minimum which lets your tradespeople feel secure while working at height.

Safety Compliance

All of our ground up scaffolding is backed by our safety compliance schedule. Our products are engineer certified, installed by experts and have comprehensive risk assessment and quality control procedures conducted on them before your employees can access the structure. We also provide the documentation and accreditation necessary to pass any safety inspection without hassle.

Our maintenance and upkeep services ensure that your ground up scaffolding remains fit for purpose throughout the life of a project, keeping your workers safe months or even years after it has been built.

We’re also on hand to provide expert advice and assistance to help you make the most out of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful staff during your project and we’ll do our best to provide you with the information you need to make your worksite the safest it can be.

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Ground up scaffolding can provide a wide range of benefits to every worksite. Sit down with one of our expert staff and we’ll help tailor a service plan that fits not only the specifics of your building site, but strictly adheres to your budget and timeline.

ScaffWorks is renowned by clients for its expedient service and high quality of customer care, making our ground up scaffolding a true asset to any project.