Birdcage Scaffold

Rising construction costs mean sourcing safety solutions that reduce spending and increase efficiency. We recommend a birdcage scaffold system as it provides excellent value for money and fulfils multiple roles throughout the life of a building project. At ScaffWorks, we design our products around the philosophy that safety compliant scaffolding should boost productivity and provide workers with peace of mind as to their wellbeing on the job.

A birdcage scaffold is a ground supported structure that provides multiple levels of stable platforms which can be adjusted according to the heights, lengths and widths required by the structure being built. For busy sites that require multiple workers on each section of a structure, a birdcage scaffold can facilitate the movement of manpower and materials with ease.

Due to its multilayered design, a birdcage scaffold is useful at all stages of the construction process and requires very little maintenance once it has been built.

If your worksite isn’t constrained by space or terrain difficulties, a birdcage scaffold provides an excellent safety network for both indoor and outdoor construction.

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Birdcage Scaffold Hire

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Our birdcage scaffold products are built to be robust and sturdy, providing a secure and safety compliant platform for your tradesmen to work on. Working safely around ceilings is essential for everything from electrical fitting and plumbing, to painting and HVAC system installation. A birdcage scaffold designed for indoor use provides a far more stable option than utilising extension ladders or other products, which carry with them the potential risk of harm to your employees.

Brisbane scaffolding

Meeting the challenges of a worksite is essential to efficient construction. Due to its versatile design, a birdcage scaffold is perfect for all types of outdoor work. As it encompasses a building with multiple platforms, secure ladder systems and sturdy ramps, a birdcage scaffold system ensures that every tradesperson on your site can do their job safely and effectively. We can construct a birdcage scaffold that fits any sized worksite, from residential and commercial builds to large scale industrial projects that potentially have hundreds of workers on them at any time.

Birdcage Scaffold Hire
Safety and Compliance

We adhere to the strict guidelines set out by state and federal bodies with regard to the safety and compliance of our birdcage scaffold products.

Working with ScaffWorks means you get not only our engineer certified scaffolding service, but also the documents, quality control protocols, and advice necessary to pass any safety inspection without a problem.

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Our innovative birdcage scaffolding has helped businesses just like yours boost their productivity while also remaining safety compliant throughout the life of their project. ScaffWorks is renowned by customers for its superior service, timely delivery and expert installation.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our designs to the specific needs of our clients and encourage you to provide detailed specifications so we can better adapt our range of custom engineered scaffolding products to the requirements of your build.