Leading the pack against other scaffold companies

ScaffWorks are a skilled team of draftsmen, scaffolders and structural engineers providing their expertise as the one of the most renowned scaffold companies in Queensland. Revered by customers for our specialist scaffolding and temporary works design, ScaffWorks provides client-oriented solutions that help residential, commercial and industrial worksites complete projects faster and safer than would be possible with the services offered by other scaffold companies.

Our team work tirelessly throughout Brisbane and surrounding regions to provide high quality products for jobsites of all sizes. Our focus is on exceeding quality expectations, expedient delivery times, cost saving approaches and most importantly, hazard elimination and risk management.

We employ hardworking professionals who are qualified to the highest possible specifications in Australia. This ensures that they are capable of taking on any challenge and providing superior service to our customers.

We take safety compliance incredibly seriously at ScaffWorks, so much so that it’s the cornerstone of our existence as a scaffold company. The products we produce are engineered in house to provide complete compliance with state and federal risk management and OH&S laws. We go to any length possible to ensure that amongst other Brisbane scaffolding companies, we stand out as the safest option for both you and your workforce.

What makes us so effective as a scaffold company is that we handle every aspect of our work in-house. From engineering and product management, all the way to our installers and maintenance workers conducting business on your worksite. We believe it gives our clients throughout Queensland the peace of mind that our service, as well as our products are built with the sole intention of keeping them safe and compliant no matter the size or scope of their project.

Working with ScaffWorks, you’ll quickly realise that the care and concern we have for your workers is genuine, because we stake our success as a company on the safety of our clients. We’re always investing in new technology and looking for different ways to improve not only our products, but the ways in which we implement our services on-site.

For all your temporary structure needs, contact ScaffWorks and find out why we’re one of the best scaffold companies working throughout Brisbane and its surrounding regions.

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A scaffold company like no other

Our unique position as a complete service provider makes working with ScaffWorks an expedient and completely fluid process. Our extensive range of products is available whenever you may need it. We don’t rely on suppliers to deliver our products to your site, we handle it all ourselves and it ensures that your scaffolding arrives on time, every time.

Our operators are all trained scaffolding experts, meaning you will always speak to someone who understands not only our business, but the construction trade as well. Because we don’t outsource expertise, our employees are some of the best qualified out of any Brisbane scaffolding companies operating today.

We train our workers extensively inhouse, to ensure that no matter who is assigned to your scaffolding, you’re backed by our combined knowledge numbering decades of experience in the scaffolding trade.

Our Team

We value our employees and hand pick them carefully to ensure that we hire only the best to help our company grow. We rely on our scaffolders, engineers and draftsmen to represent our business in a way that solidifies our place as one of the best Brisbane scaffolding companies around.

What you can expect from our team is what we expect from them ourselves:

Always on time, always ready to provide the best quality service that our scaffold company is renowned for.

Always on time, always ready to provide the best quality service that our scaffold company is renowned for.

We don’t stop until the job is done, expedient service is what we love to provide at ScaffWorks, and our employees are trained to work quickly and effectively on any task.

Our workers share the same passion for service excellence that we do. That’s why they’re always looking for ways to improve themselves and provide more to our customers than other scaffold companies.

We know that growth is important to not only our employees, but the quality of the service they provide. Our team is always engaging in skills training and personal investment, to make them better able to do their job effectively.

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For more information, contact one of our friendly staff today at ScaffWorks to find out what makes us better than the rest.

What you can expect from our scaffold company.

There are dozens of reasons why we’ve become one of the best Brisbane scaffold companies working today,
but here’s why we think that we’re the perfect fit for your business:

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Your needs always come first at ScaffWorks. Part of our pride as a business is our ability to interface with the needs of our clients. We encourage you to let us know all the details of your project, so we can talk over the specifics and help you achieve better outcomes than would be provided by other scaffold companies.

When we say custom scaffolding that’s precisely what we mean. Our designs are versatile enough to be built around the exact specifications of your worksite. We can accommodate projects of any size and scope, so don’t hesitate to come to us with even the most challenging builds.

In many ways, the safety and success of your employees feeds our success at ScaffWorks. That’s why we always put our customers first and endeavour to provide superior service at prices fitted to your budget.

Service doesn’t end when the scaffolding is built, and we go home. With access to around the clock advice and our expert maintenance skills, you’re in safe hands with the best Brisbane scaffolding company in the business.

For more information, contact one of our friendly staff today at ScaffWorks to find out what makes us better than the rest.